Helen Daniels Stone
Portrait of Helen (“Nell”) E. Daniels taken prior to her marriage with Israel W. Stone [Courtesy of the Huntington Digital Library]
This a digital collection of letters and other ephemera collected by the Alvah Hiram Daniels family of Kenosha, Wisconsin — formerly of Litchfield, Michigan. The recipient of most of these letters was Helen (“Nell”) E. Daniels (1840-Aft1924) and is to her and her descendants we credit the preservation of this material.

There are a number of letters written by Alvah Hiram Daniels (1810-1864) during the time that he served in Co. H, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry during the Civil War (see newspaper article below). Alvah served as a wagoner but was not with the regiment the entire time due to periods of sickness which eventually claimed his life in 1864.

There are also letter written by Israel W. Stone (1839-1918) who served in Co. M, 1st Illinois Light Artillery. Israel was seriously wounded during the Battle of Chickamauga and had a leg amputated. He convalesced in a hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, and was discharged from the service early in 1865. Israel’s letters were all addressed to Helen after his amputation so there is no campaign information or battle content but they contain some great political and societal views from a veteran facing the formidable and emotional challenges of a life with a permanent disability.

George Hiram Daniels
Nell’s brother, George H. Daniels

There are also a large number of letters written by relatives (mostly cousins) and friends of Helen Daniels. These are separated into different files where there were multiple letters by the same author. The remainder were posted under “Miscellaneous Letters.”

Included with the collection were a large number of invitations to balls, cotillions, and social gatherings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, prior to a during the Civil War. Helen also preserved her Kenosha High School records from 1859. Digital images of all this material is included under a file I call, “Kenosha Ephemera.” In my opinion, these invitations are extremely rare — especially to find so many of them from a relatively short period of time in such fine condition.

Unfortunately the records for the Daniels and Stone families in Ancestry.com are somewhat fragmented and incomplete. From researching this family, I have gleaned the following information which I believe to be as accurate as possible:

Alvah (or Alva) Hiram Daniels (1810-1864)
Esther A. Allen (1816-1896) — see newspaper obituary below.

Hattie E. Daniels (1838-Aft1924) — wife of McCurdy, Troy, New York
Helen (“Nell”) Esther Daniels (1840-Aft1924) — wife of Israel W. Stone, Wash. D.C.
Henry A. Daniels (1842-aft1924) — resident of Sedalia, Missouri, in 1924.
William Franklin Daniels (1843-1924) — resident of Pana, Illinois, in 1924.
George Hiram Daniels (1845-1935) — resident of Milwaukee in 1924.
Nathan Hubert Daniels (1847-1924) — resident of Kansas City, Missouri, in 1924.
Emma Ann Daniels (1852-1934) — resident of Kansas City in 1924.
Edward J. Daniels (1852-1885)
Sanford F. Daniels (1858-1938) — resident of Kansas City in 1924.

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